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        CTV National News – New Food Safety Concerns

        Latest Media Release:


        ? For immediate release 28 October, 2019 Ryding-Regency shows Canada’s food safety system is not working (Ottawa) – The trend to food industry self-policing of safety programs allowed the Ryding-Regency abattoir to pump hundreds of potentially contaminated products...

        Latest Briefing Note:

        The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health seeks clarification from the CFIA after the Agriculture Union disputes assurances given to the Committee by an Agency spokesperson about the frequency of meat inspection in Northern Alberta

        Research shows most CFIA programs are currently short staffed approximately 30%. A survey of frontline inspectors that was characterized by the CFIA witness as an “overstatement” found that more than half (55%) describe the current complement of inspection staff in their immediate work group as “inadequate to complete all tasks needed to ensure compliance with food safety requirements”.

        Latest Web Post:

        Prevalent Food Fraud Unveiled #StopFishFraud

        The first national?study?of its kind released just this morning has found widespread fraud in fish and seafood labelling in Canada. Oceana Canada, a non-profit group that works to protect and restore our oceans, found that?44% of nearly 400 samples of fish and seafood...

        Food Safety in the News:

        Auditor-General critical of OMAFRA

        The Auditor-General's report is highly critical of several food-safety aspects of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Jim Romahn - Special to Postmedia Network The Auditor-General’s report is highly critical of several food-safety aspects of...

        CFIA cancels licences of 3 companies in massive meat recall

        Companies no longer able to slaughter food animals or prepare meat products The Canadian Press The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it has cancelled the licences of three companies tied to a massive meat recall that ensnared nearly 900 beef and veal products. The...

        Media Requests:

        We are network of Canadians speaking up for the safety of our food

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